To the field of distribution that supports life




We build the consistency system and respond to the needs.

That is a pride as a pioneer.

The Overhead Doors apply to social wide field including distribution warehouses, fire stations and residences now. The Overhead Doors were introduced in Japan by KONGO INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. at first and we lead the industry continuously.

We are a pioneer of Overhead Doors in Japan and our philosophy is “we listen to the voice of customer positively and try to produce a product which shall meet the needs of customers”.

We built a consistency system, sales, development, design, manufacture, installation and maintenance, which would be able to complete with responsibility by internally because we respond to the needs of customers and provide “more over the satisfactory of satisfactory”.

Thus, our products which have unique technology anyone cannot follow, unique function anyone cannot copy and we can offer it with our unique system we established.


We built a dependable system for responsibly completing tasks from sales to maintenance.

Sales div. will catch the needs of customers precisely, and development and design div. will describe drawings of the product which is safety and have a good advantage of characteristics. Production div. will try to keep the manufacturing that is faithful to the basics, and Installation div. will install with use of proficient skills. And Maintenance div. will take deeply communication with customers and suck up demands for using and further request.

Our all staff brings their knowledge, experience and technology for the customers and cast all energy into manufacturing of better product. Thus, we provide a lot of Overhead Doors and related products in the market and obtain the satisfaction and trust of the customers.

We hide the pride as a pioneer and continue to produce a new product ahead of the industry as the Only One Company. It is our mission and such posture will not change in future.




We offer our unique products for the opening space with our view that will support the “Opening” of the construction which will be a platform of distribution and industry.



The latest garage doors will respond to evolution of human, urban and vehicle and multifaceted. We offer Garage Doors which have suitable function and design for every garages.